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Mpi Graphic Design
Located in DuBois, Pa. It is our purpose to provide quality art, design, photography, and custom work for our clients in offset and screeprint production.

Our staff has the knowledge (design principles, techniques, and tools) to create, prepare and provide designs, modified designs and original ideas in accordence to client specifications.

Listing Site Updates
Our site is updated and changed on a regular basic. Please check often for new examples, designs, and information.

NEW! We have just added to our contact page, a special message center for other artist and designers. Ask a question, or post a message!

last updated: 09/26/01
The world of graphic design is constantly changing. New equipment, tools and software are always under development, and require new and inventive ideas to be used to their full potential.

We understand this, and strive to maintain the highest levels of creative thinking. After all, it is the human mind that sets goals in todays world, and it is the creative mind that makes it happen.

At the bottom of the banner ad at the top of this page, there are a few tabs to make it easier for you to get it touch with us. Simply click on a tab to refer our site to others (refer) or fill out a quick response form (email me). your comments and questions are always welcome, and will be handled promptly.
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MPI Graphic Design
14 E Garfield Ave
Dubois, Pa. 15801

MPI of Alabama
PO Box 396
Alexander City,Al. 35011

toll-free 1-877-226-0132
fax 1-814-371-4863

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